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International Professionals and Expatriates.
Although moving abroad can offer tremendous career and lifestyle benefits, the life of an international expatriate or professional can create significant challenges for individual financial planning and management.

Everyone needs careful financial planning. Whether you want to protect against the unexpected, save for your retirement or children’s education or simply protect your existing wealth, the decisions you take regarding your financial future will be some of the most important you will ever make.

A full financial review is essential when living or moving abroad as international financial planning can be complicated and getting it wrong can be disastrous.

Consider that many of the financial structures you establish, insurance products or personal pension plans for example, are often not fully portable or suitable in other countries or jurisdictions. What may be tax efficient in one location may be illegal in another. Or perhaps your will is no longer valid or your life assurance in danger of defaulting. Equally important are the opportunities that being abroad may offer. Perhaps your current jurisdiction would allow you certain tax savings if your assets where restructured or maybe you can benefit from offshore products now.

The Alliance Partnership offer a wealth of experience for dealing with the complexities of international; multi-jurisdictional and cross border financial planning.

Our advisors offer consultations in order to help individuals and families living abroad, structure and manage their financial affairs in the most cost effective and tax efficient manner. Our knowledge of local and international products and taxes enables us to deliver truly valuable and independent advice for our clients.

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Perhaps you could benefit from our advice in any number of fields from:

  • International and offshore banking
  • Foreign exchange transactions
  • Insurance and protection needs
  • Savings plans, Pension planning
  • Portfolio and wealth management
  • Tax and estate planning
  • Wills and probate
  • Mortgage planning
  • Alternative investments

For further information please feel free to contact us and ask to benefit from a  consultation with one of our advisors. At the very least it will afford you the peace of mind that your finances are healthy and suitably structured. Our advisors are committed to staying informed about new products, services and tax implications.

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